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Illustrated Giant Eggs

Check out the wonderful Faberge Style Egg that Illumivation Studios in Chicago created from one of our stock three foot Giant Eggs!

Decorate your own Photo Opportunity egg with your own theme.  Small children as well as decorations can be placed in the egg for the perfect picture or display.  

Full 8 foot fiberglass egg comes with a hollow viewing area and is stable on a optional welded steel base.


Custom Steel Base for Photo Opportunity or Theatrical use

Front with Interior Viewing Area

Custom decorated “Frosted” egg or…

Solid Color Giant Eggs

Custom Logo Giant Eggs Giant Eggs

Color Foil Giant Eggs

Giant Peek-A-Boo Eggs

Photo-Opportunity Giant Eggs

Dinosaur Giant Eggs

Faberge Giant Eggs

Contact us and we can work on some drawings for you. Please call Tim for prices and any questions.


We create custom eggs!



Giant Eggs

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Dinosaur Giant Eggs Photo Opportunity

Opening in the back of the Dinosaur Egg allows kids and families to pop out of the top of the egg for photo opportunities.

Optional Standard Steel Base with Rubber Bumper recommended for 5 ft. & under.

Display use only.

Can be painted with any custom color