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What are the larger eggs made of?
The giant Easter eggs are made of fiberglass. They are light weight and thin shelled but very strong. You can attach anything to your egg with bolts and screws. You can also saw it.

How well does the surface hold up?
The fiberglass that we use is “paint grip” which means paint, latex, oil, spray can, finger paints, or acrylic will adhere extremely well.   NOTE: Outdoor use requires outdoor paint.

How do you ship the eggs?
They are usually shipped in cardboard cartons by carrier, however they can go air freight.

How can I save shipping costs on the larger eggs?
They can be made in 1 piece or 2 piece. In the larger sizes, shipping in two pieces will save shipping costs, but there will be a visible seam. The seam can be hidden to a degree with a color choice. We ship the eggs in halves that are nested to save on shipping costs. To ship whole, please add $100.00 for assembly on 3’ and over eggs.

What styles of eggs do you offer?
They are available plain, primed, egg color, or decorated including foil.  We also do “Peek- A-Boo” eggs and custom requests.  We offer “hatched” eggs.  Some of these styles can be made to counter wind and theft.  Please see styles for pictures of some of the eggs we make.

Do you sell smaller eggs?
We offer smaller plastic, pre-finished eggs which work nicely to complete a set.

Do you sell Easter grass?
We offer bulk Easter grass in many colors at competitive prices.

Do you sell Easter grass mats?
We offer green raffia mats in different sizes.

Are the products fire retardant?
Yes.  Our eggs, grass, and grass mats are available fire retardant with certificates.


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